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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer trial subscriptions?

Yes! Best way for you to learn if our stream of sophisticated, in-depth news coverage is right for you. Contact our sales and support team at or (850) 580-8090 to request a free trial account.

Why am I asked to login to the website frequently?

Our system supports extended user login sessions so you should only be asked to log in to our website once every couple of days on each of your connecting devices.

If that’s not the case for you, please click this button and try logging in again. If your problems persist, please contact our sales and support team at (850) 580-8090 or

See "Why are browser cookies required?" below for more information.

Why are browser cookies required?

Most sites nowadays require cookies to be enabled to function properly, and so do we. Cookies are little bits of info exchanged between a user and a website so the website knows who’s trying to access the site. If you don’t have “persistent cookies” enabled on your browser, you’ll have to log in over and over. Most NSF users do have them enabled, and never experience a problem with repeated requests to log in.

Persistent cookies allow user sessions to remain active for extended periods of time. This is the default configuration for all major browsers.

Most modern browsers offer controls for fine-tuning cookie handling rules. This gives the user complete control over how cookies are managed for a given site.

You can check your cookie settings yourself if you’re tech-comfortable, or ask your IT person to check them. If you feel stuck, contact our sales and support team at (850) 580-8090 or

Beyond browser settings, there are a few other factors to consider. Corporate or PC firewalls, proxies, and anti-virus software have been known to interfere with cookie handling. Your organization’s IT person can help with those.

Consider the following reputable links for more information about browser cookies and how they are used.

Why am I not receiving email distributions?

The new system we launched in January 2018 requires users to opt-in to our email distribution service. Besides being required by our service provider, this helps us maintain our reputation as a trustworthy sender.

Our system distributes thousands of similarly formatted email messages each time a new story is posted. Some of the more sensitive content filters in service will often misidentify these messages as spam and divert them to a spam or junk mail folder. Adding our distribution email address to your address book or safe-sender list may help.

Contact our support team at or (850) 580-8090 to verify and update your account details.

We hope this info is helpful! Do not hesitate to contact us - we want to make sure any difficulties you have are resolved for good. Thanks for using the News Service!