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Terms of Use

This is the web site of The News Service of Florida.

Our postal address is
520 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

We can be reached via e-mail at or you can reach us by telephone at 850-580-8090

The News Service of Florida, Inc.
Terms of Use Agreement

Terms of Use:

  • To update authorized users, contact your subscription manager.
  • Authorized users may each share five (5) email reports with non-subscribers each month.
  • Paid subscription newspapers and magazines may reprint all News Service material with attribution.
  • Web and email publications may reprint one (1) full News Service feature from each 24 hour publication cycle with attribution, but not the weekly Advances at any time. They may also link to more stories within the same time period on the SHNS website, but should alert readers they will encounter the News Service's paywall. Use of more than one (1) link to SHNS content hosted by any non-SHNS content provider per 24 hour publication cycle is is prohibited and a violation of the SHNS Terms of Use.
  • Republishing copy published by the News Service within the last 48-hours by reprinting from or linking to our subscribers' publications without our permission is not permitted.
  • Subscribers may publish all News Service photographs provided that both the photographer and the News Service are credited.
  • Subscribers may not upload stand-alone News Service videos to their social media, including YouTube, accounts. For social media purposes, subscribers may link to or embed videos on the News Service’s YouTube or Vimeo accounts. If a video has not yet been uploaded on the News Service’s YouTube or Vimeo, it will be uploaded upon the subscriber’s request.
  • Publishers please contact Didi Hoffman at (904)686-4246 if you need to make other arrangements.
  • Should a subscriber not abide by these terms we may terminate your subscription.
  • Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you contact our business office 30-days before your subscription expires.
  • These terms are subject to change from time to time without notice.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and thanks for your continued support.